New York Giants

What is the Giants Strongest Position Group?

The Giants have a good team there is no doubt about that and what comes with a good team is good position groups. Just look at the Seattle Seahawks and the Legion of Boom or the Green Bay Packers and their wideout group. I feel the Giants might be able to best these two teams in each of their respective strengths. The Giants secondary was one of the team’s major strengths last year and while the offense had a down year the wide receivers are still a very good group. The Giants main wide receivers this year will be Odell Beckham Jr, Sterling Shepard, and Brandon Marshall and they have the potential to be the best in the league. The Giants secondary or the New York Pass Defense, NYPD, already boasts three pro bowlers in Dominique Rodgers Cromartie, Janoris Jenkins, and Landon Collins. They also have up and coming star Eli Apple who played his way into the starting rotation last season and solid players like Andrew Adams and Darian Thompson.

It is really difficult to say which group will be better, but I am going to go with the wide receivers. The main reason I am going to go with them is because the NFL is geared toward offense and more importantly passing offense. It is just too difficult to sustain success in a secondary and that can be seen around the league as there really isn’t a team quite like the Seattle Seahawks, but not for the lack of trying. I think the Giants have a chance to be in the top five in pass defense this year, but I just don’t see them developing into an elite group. That does not mean I don’t think they will be great as I expect big things out of this group, but I just don’t think they will be good enough to gain the recognition that other secondaries get. They will also be overshadowed on their own team by another position group, the wideouts.

Led by superstar Odell Beckham Jr this group of wide receivers has a chance to be one of the best ever. I don’t think I am exaggerating either, if Sterling Shepard can make a leap from his first year to his second then the Giants will have three superstars. If you have followed football at all over the past ten seasons or so you would know that Brandon Marshall was a legitimate number one wider receiver. He is only two years removed from a 10+ touchdown, 1000+ yard season and last year he was injured. I believe he still is a number one and now playing for a winning team with a solid quarterback I could see him giving us another 10 touchdowns. The only reason I see him not reaching this is if he or Eli get hurt or if Odell Beckham wins the MVP because he caught 20 touchdowns and had over 2,000 yards receiving. Now of course I am banking on Shepard having a big second season, but last season he showed no reason not to believe in him as he caught eight touchdowns as a rookie. Now that he knows the offense better and has some better players around him he could be due for a huge leap. If all of these receivers stay healthy I don’t see why they can’t be the best trio in the league. This will also make them the best position group on the team. It’s really not a knock on the Giants’ secondary, but more of a knock on defense in general and how hard it is to sustain success in that area.

As an honorably mention I thought about throwing the defensive end group into this conversation as the Giants boast two of the best in the league. Olivier Vernon and Jason Pierre-Paul are two star defensive ends, but I think there are too many questions around them to consider them the best group on the team. JPP got hurt late last year and is still learning to play with three fingers on his right hand and he just signed a huge four year deal so he has a lot to prove this year. Vernon doesn’t produce the sack numbers like some of the elite pass rushers in this league, I know he constantly delivers pressures, but to be considered the best in this league you got to sack the QB.

With all that being said the wide receiver position group is the best group on the New York Giants. If all goes as planned this year I feel we could see three 1,000 yard receivers, something Eli’s brother Peyton had a couple of years back. Sadly, we still have a long way to go before any group can prove they are the best, but right now they can really focus on making each other better in OTAs and training camp.


5/9/17: Post Draft and Free Agency do the Giants Finally Have Enough to Win a Superbowl?

I have written articles in the past saying the Giants did not have enough to win a Superbowl, however I think after the draft they may finally have enough. That being said two players are crucial to the Giants success and will ultimately determine if the Giants can win a Superbowl. I say if Ereck Flowers and BJ Goodson can step up and prove to be quality starters the Giants will be Superbowl bound.

In the draft the Giants added two maybe three immediate impact players in my eyes, Even Engram, Dalvin Tomlinson and maybe Wayne Gallman. However, these guys mainly replace starters from last year, aside from Engram who is definitely an X-factor. Tomlinson replaces Johnathan Hankins and Gallman replaces Rashad Jennings, Gallman may be a bit of an upgrade over Jennings, but he is not nearly as experienced. Engram is one of the reasons why I think the Giants have a better chance at making a Superbowl run as he provides the offense with a weapon that can operate in the middle of the field. He will also open up space in the run game as he will force teams to respect the pass more when he is on the field. However, him alone is not enough to push the Giants over the top. That responsibility falls on two other players, one most of us know and one most of us may not.

Ereck Flowers is most likely going to be the Giants starting left tackle again this year and that will make many Giants fans cringe. Flowers’ play over the past two seasons has been suspect at best. He constantly allows pressures and gives up way too many sacks. At this point in Eli Manning’s career he needs better protection in order to do what he wants, he is not as agile and has lost a little arm strength over the years. Flowers is heading into his third year in the league which is often a critical year for offensive tackles. He is still very young at only 23 years old so hopefully he is starting to reach his peak strength and is starting to mature into a player that takes coaching. From the reports I’ve heard he is working hard this off season and is working on his pass protection. The Giants will need this to transfer onto the field if they want to have a chance this year. If you look at the two Superbowl teams from this year they both had quality left tackles, the Patriots had Nate Solder and the Falcons had Jake Matthews. If and this is still a big if, Ereck Flowers can step up this year and play like the player the Giants imagined when they drafted him then their Superbowl chances will be helped. Now I do believe Flowers is the most important piece remaining in the puzzle, but there is one more player that could bring it home for the G-Men.

BJ Goodson is a second year linebacker out of Clemson and is a guy that needs to step up. Goodson was more of a special teams player last year, but got to see a little time at linebacker down the stretch. When the Giants did not select a single linebacker in this years draft it showed me that they believe in Goodson as they are relatively thin at the position. Goodson can play any of the three linebacker spots and is a guy that specializes in stopping the run. I feel he can also be a guy that can develop in pass coverage as well, which is an area where the Giants could certainly improve. Most of you will probably say, we already have three stating linebackers in Keenan Robinson, Jonathan Casillas and Devon Kennard. I agree those guys may be ahead of Goodson on the depth chart right now, but I think if Goodson steps up he can challenge any three of them for their spots. I also feel he can become the most complete linebacker of the bunch. Robinson specializes in pass coverage, Kennard is more of a pass rusher and run stopper and Casillas is average in pass defense and run defense. Goodson could put the Giants defense over the top as he can develop into a three down linebacker that can lead the defense. This is something the Giants have not had in years as Jerry Reese just does not invest in linebackers. I have no problem with this as the Giants have won Superbowls with average linebackers, but having a good three down linebacker certainly will make the run a lot easier. Again you can look at the two Superbowl teams, they both had game changing linebackers that can affect the outcome of any game. The Patriots had Dont’a Hightower and the Falcons had Deion Jones, the Giants don’t have any players on their roster like these two. However, I think they could have one coming in BJ Goodson and if they do the league, mainly Tom Brady, better watch out because the Giants may just be on their way to putting that fifth trophy in the case.

5/2/17: New York Giants Draft Analysis

Well the dust has finally settled and the draft “gurus” have given their grades and they have varied quite a bit for the Giants. I am not going to give grades in this piece, but we’ll review each pick and see how the pick fits and if it makes sense.

First Round: Evan Engram- Engram is a classic receiving tight end that can be a mismatch and stretch the field down the middle. He comes from Ole Miss, the same college as Eli Manning, he is 22 years old and is 6’3″ and about 235 lbs. I saw him as a borderline first round pick, but I can see why the Giants went with him in the first round. Mainly, there was not a whole lot available at the spot the Giants were picking, it was mainly defensive backs and 3-4 outside linebackers that were reasonable picks at that point, neither of which the Giants need. Engram is also a classic Giants pick, about as clean a player as you can find in the draft, both on and off the field. He was also a senior who has a lot of experience and was a team captain. The Giants had the option to go with the trendy pick among mock drafts, David Njoku, but he is way less refined and probably would not have had as instant of an impact as Engram can have. All in all I like the pick, for what was available I think the Giants got the only player that can immediately fill a need. The Giants tight ends struggled to get open, often failed to get many yards after the catch and struggled blocking. Engram is not much of a blocker, but that is why the Giants signed Rhett Ellison. However, Engram is a great pass catcher, runs great routes and has 4.42 speed, which is faster than Odell Beckham Jr. We will see if he can produce as fast as the Giants think he can, I believe you can make the case he has a chance at offensive rookie of the year, time will tell.

Second Round: Dalvin Tomlinson- Tomlinson is another defensive tackle taken in the second round by the New York Giants. They have had success doing this before with Linval Joseph and Johnathan Hankins and I expect Tomlinson to have a similar impact as those guys. He is a big run stuffing defensive tackle, kind of similar to Hankins, but he has some pass rush ability. He is also a great kid, no off the field problems and had a chance to go to Harvard instead of Alabama. So he is a typical Giants pick, smart, talented, and someone who will not cause any trouble. I like the pick a lot, he can step in right away and compete with Jay Bromley for the starting spot next to Damon Harrison. I thought this may be the year the Giants invest an early pick at linebacker and the guy which I was maybe a little too high on, Zach Cunningham, was sitting right there. However, the Giants opted for Tomlinson and Cunningham went two picks later. I guess I can’t be surprised, Jerry Reese has shown he just does not invest in linebackers and I can not really argue with him as he won a Superbowl with Chase Blackburn as the starting middle linebacker. So in the end Tomlinson is a great kid and a solid player that can step in right away and fill a need.

Third Round: Davis Webb- Webb is a talented quarterback out of the University of California. He has a big arm and is very athletic, ran a sub 4.8 40 yard dash, however I do not love the pick. I understand that he is a developmental type of prospect that will sit and learn behind Eli for a couple of years, but I think this was a year to early. I give the Giants credit for thinking about the future, but I do not think this works, Eli still has three years left on his contract, that is a long time to sit and then come in and be expected to perform. Also, I can not think of a time when this has worked, can anyone name a starting quarterback today that was not drafted in the first round and sat behind an established veteran for a couple of years? I know I can’t, I feel that you can only find a liable starting quarterback in the first round of the draft, of course there are a few exceptions, but in general the first round is the spot. I am not saying Webb is a bad player because he is certainly not, he came close to breaking many of Jared Goff’s records at Cal and has a cannon for an arm. He also sounds like a smart guy that is going to work hard, but there is a reason he lasted until late in the third round. The Giants could have used this pick on a player that could have made a more immediate impact as they already have a solid backup QB in Geno Smith, so this was not really a need. I think next year is the golden year for quarterbacks and I think the Giants could have gone one in the first round, similar to the Chiefs this year. I just hope this pick this year does not deter them from taking a very good quarterback prospect in the first round next year, especially if he falls in their lap.

Fourth Round: Wayne Gallman; Fifth Round: Avery Moss; Sixth Round: Adam Bisnowaty- I look at the rest of these players as quality depth players, which is really all you can expect from picks after the third round. I think Gallman, a running back out of Clemson, has the best chance at making an impact early, though. Gallman is a bigger back at just over six feet tall and about 215 lbs, he could come in early and be a nice complement to Paul Perkins, especially if the Giants do not sign Lagarrette Blount. You look at the weight and would think he is not really a power back, but he certainly is. If you were to able to watch any of his college games you can see that he is a very physical runner and is difficult to bring down. He could add a little thunder to Perkins’ lightening, which is great as it just makes the Giants offense that much more difficult to defend. Moss is an athletic defensive end that could be molded into a situational pass rusher, but I have a hard time seeing him push Romeo Okwara, Kerry Wynn, and Owa Odighizuwa for the third pass rushing spot. He is a solid depth player though and can contribute if the Giants get ravished by injuries. Bisnowaty is a big offensive tackle out of Pitt, that can come in and provide depth at that position and can possibly kick inside to guard. He has some injury concerns, but may be able to add a little competition at both tackle spots, particularly right tackle.

Overall, a solid draft by the Giants, they got a good mix of players that can contribute right now and in the future. The pick that could make this draft great is Davis Webb, if he can do something I do not think he can and develop into a franchise quarterback, then what a steal in the third round. However, this draft will really be graded on what Engram and Tomlinson contribute early because Eli Manning’s window in closing and the Giants need to win now.

The biggest controversy I have seen regarding this draft is about how the Giants did not invest in the offensive line in the early rounds. I am okay with this as they would have had to either reach or trade up to grab any viable offensive lineman in the spots they were picking. Also we knew Ereck Flowers was a project when he was drafted, he was not even supposed to play left tackle his first year in the league as Will Beatty was still under contract at the time. I think this is his year as the third year is often the year players really start to figure it out and offensive lineman in particular usually take a couple of years to adjust to the league. On the right side, Bobby Hart is a below average player, but is also entering his third year in the league and is still only 22 years old. I believe he has a great chance to take a big step this year and if not DJ Fluker is a quality player as well that can fill in serviceable. So all in all, time will tell, but right now I think the Giants had a solid draft and did not reach for any players.

4/25/17: New York Giants Draft Preview

In case you have not heard the 2017 NFL Draft starts this Thursday in Philadelphia.  The draft runs three days with round 1 on Thursday night, rounds 2 and 3 Friday night and rounds 4-7 Saturday afternoon.  The New York Giants have the 23rd pick in the first round and will have a variety of quality players to choose from as this draft is very deep at a lot of different positions.  In this piece I will go through some of the position groups I think the Giants will target throughout the draft and tell you who they should select in the first round.

The most glaring hole on the Giants roster is on the offensive line as most of us Giants fans know.  However, this draft class is very weak in offensive lineman and most likely the Giants will have to settle for more of a developmental type player and not one that can start right away.  The Giants could go offensive line in the first round, but I think it would be a mistake as I do not feel there will be any starting caliber offensive lineman available when the Giants pick.  I do predict that a couple will go before the Giants pick, which I think is way to early for any of the lineman in this class, but it just makes the decision easier for the Giants to pass on the offensive line in the first round.  I also, unlike many Giants fans, still believe in Ereck Flowers, the Giants first round pick from 2015.  He is now entering his third season in the NFL and is still only 23 years old, so we have not seen him play to his full potential yet.  I think this year is a huge year for the massive offensive tackle as I feel this year will really tell if he has the capability to start at left tackle in the NFL.  I believe he will step up and accept the challenge and reward the Giants for sticking with him and I have a feeling the Giants sort of feel this way as well.  I say look for the Giants to draft an offensive tackle on day two or day three of the draft to give Flowers some competition, but not take his job.  However, I believe the offensive tackle they select should have a great opportunity to win the starting right tackle job that no one on the Giants’ roster currently has a hold on.

Another glaring hole on the roster is at the defensive tackle position alongside Damon Harrison.  Johnathan Hankins vacated that spot last year, but he has since left for Indianapolis.  The Giants will particularly look for a defensive tackle that can rush the passer and do not be surprised if they select one in the second round.  The Giants have had great success drafting defensive tackles in the second round as recently the selected Hankins there in 2013 and Linval Joseph there in 2010.  A name to watch out for is Chris Wormley a defensive lineman out of Michigan as he has been linked to the Giants throughout the draft process.  He is a little bit less of a nose tackle and more of a guy that can rush the passer, he projects to be a day two selection so do not be surprised if the Giants call his name in the second round.

Some later position groups to watch for the Giants potentially picking are quarterback, running back and cornerback.  Eli Manning is 36 years, but still has three years remaining on his deal.  There have been some rumors that the Giants may look for Manning’s successor in this draft, but I do not think they should invest early in a quarterback as this class is fairly weak.  If the Giants select a quarterback look for one late in the draft rounds 5-7 as they have a capable back up in Geno Smith already.  If the Giants are going to find Eli’s successor I would see them doing it in the first or second round and when they pick I just do not see the right prospect being there.  Running back is another interesting case as it has been known for a while the Giants are looking for a power back.  They have been linked to Lagarrett Blount recently, but I see the Giants selecting one in the later rounds in the draft like they did with Paul Perkins last year. This will allow the Giants to get a fresh, young back at a very cheap price.  I think the golden spot for this is the fourth round or fifth round, there still should be some very capable power backs available at this time.  Lastly corner back is an interesting group as you see the Giants already have three starting caliber corners in Janoris Jenkins, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Eli Apple.  However, I feel you can never have enough corners, it just seems like the most injured position group around the league.  I do not feel the Giants need to find a starter, but certainly some one with some talent, maybe look for a height, weight, speed guy that can tackle.  This will give the Giants someone that can contribute on special teams and step in and be serviceable if someone goes down.

Now onto the two position groups I think the Giants should look in the first round.  It is two groups that the Giants often avoid early, tight end and linebacker.  We’ll start with the tight end group there are two players I think should definitely be selected in the first round in O.J Howard from Alabama and David Njoku from Miami.  They are both athletic freaks that can catch the ball well and can compete as blockers.  Evan Engram from Ole Miss is also a fringe first round player in my book.  If Howard falls to the Giants I say run up to the draft podium and draft him as he is one of the top ten players in this draft and come from a strong program in Alabama.  However, I expect him to be gone when the Giants pick, Njoku and Engram are much more realistic options and will most likely be available when the Giants pick.

Linebacker is probably the Giants biggest need not on the offensive line.  This year they will most likely start Jonathan Casillas, Keenan Robinson and Devon Kennard all of whom are slightly injury prone and all of whom are free agents after this year.  The only one I feel comfortable saying has a starting job is Kennard who has been a solid player for a couple of years and is in the final year of his rookie contract so he will be extra motivated for that payday.  Other than that though Robinson and Casillas are really nothing special and will probably both be gone next year.  This leads me to say that the Giants should be looking linebacker in the first round and the two names I am looking at are Jarrad Davis out of Florida and Zach Cunningham from Vanderbilt.  The Giants are picking in the sweet spot for those two prospects and both could be available when they pick.  I know a lot of people out there have Davis rated a little higher, but he has had some injury concerns over the last few years and has missed some time.  Cunningham on the other hand has no injury issues that are known and can be a leader of a defense.

Taking all this into consideration I think if the Giants are on the clock and they have Njoku, Davis and Cunningham all still available they should do something they never do and trade down.  I want them to select Cunningham but feel this spot may be a little too rich for him especially if Davis is still on the board.  A team that is looking for a quarterback and wants to get in front of the Houston Texans who pick two spots behind the Giants are likely candidates.  Ideally, the Kansas City Chiefs or perhaps even the New Orleans Saints.  If the Giants can trade down with one of these teams Cunningham should still be on the board and the Giants should select him.  I do not want to see them drop out of the first round as then they lose that useful fifth year option, but dropping 4 to eight spots and picking up a third or fourth rounder seems ideal to me.  If they cannot trade down then I still take Cunningham because I do not think he makes it to them in the second round and he has similar talent to others in this area of the draft.

I chose to go against Njoku because the Giants have got a lot of tight ends already, they have newly signed Rhett Ellison, a talented player in Will Tye who has flashed some potential and Jerell Adams who was a sixth round pick last year.  I feel the Giants are comfortable with this group and see a lot of potential in Adams, which will stray them away from the tight end position in the first round.  However, I would not rule tight end out later in the draft as it is a very deep tight end class.  So, all that being said this is how I see the Giants draft breaking down by position group.

1st Round: Linebacker

2nd Round: Defensive Tackle

3rd Round: Tight End

4th Round: Offensive Tackle

5th Round: Running Back

6th Round: Quarterback

7th Round: Cornerback

4/18/17: Do the Giants Have Enough to Win a Super Bowl?

The New York Giants went 11-5 last year and got into the playoffs.  However, it was a quick stint in the postseason as the Giants got a beating from the Green Bay Packers, losing 38-13.  This showed that the Giants were not quite ready for playoff football, do not get me wrong the team made huge strides in 2016, but it was not enough to be considered a real super bowl contender.  The Giants now have that playoff experience, but are returning almost the exact same team as last year.  Brandon Marshall is certainly an upgrade over Victor Cruz and Rhett Ellison is an upgrade at tight end.  However, the Giants really have not improved anywhere else, they lost Johnathan Hankins to the Indianapolis Colts and it remains to be seen if DJ Fluker can improve the offensive line. With the loss of Hankins the Giants will have to look to former third round pick Jay Bromley or the upcoming draft to replace him.  Now Hankins did not have a great year last year, but the Giants lose a quality starter and some of that chemistry along the defensive line, which could affect them in various ways.

With all that being said I do not think the Giants have enough to make a super bowl run yet.  I believe they are very close, but will need some younger players to step up or find a quality starter in the draft.  The Giants weakest points are offensive tackle, linebacker, and tight end, you could also through running back in there.  Running back is interesting however, the Giants have a nice prospect in Paul Perkins, who is expected to step up and be the guy this year.  I believe in Perkins, however it would not be a terrible option to pick up a power back in the draft or off the thin open market just in case.  The other positions is where I am most worried, I feel the Giants will have to find a starter at one of the three other spots in this draft to be considered true super bowl contenders.  This draft is a relatively weak offensive tackle draft so the Giants could gamble on a guy in the early rounds, but I would rather have them go in a different direction.  What this draft lacks in offensive tackle prospects it makes up for in tight ends and linebackers.  The Giants will most likely have the opportunity to grab a starting tight end or linebacker in the first two rounds. I will go over the prospects who I think they should draft next week, but for now I definitely believe that the Giants could turn themselves into legitimate super bowl contenders if they go with the best available tight end or linebacker in one of the first two rounds.

If you look at the Giants roster you will not see many holes, as I mentioned they can most likely fill those holes in this draft.  However, the only thing that may hold the Giants back is their offensive tackles.  Ereck Flowers may be the most important Giant on the roster this year.  I do not think the Giants can replace him with anyone that will be available when they pick in the draft.  So, he will have to finally live up to his potential in order to put the Giants over that last hump that will turn them from super bowl contenders to champions.



4/11/17: New York Giants Best and Worst Free Agency Moves

Hello Giants fans, it is good to be talking a little football again.  For my first Giants post ever I am going to look back a little bit and tell you what I thought of free agency and give you some predictions.  I am only going to focus on players that were not on the Giants roster in 2016.

Best Move

This one I think is pretty obvious, Brandon Marshall was the best free agency signing the Giants made and perhaps one of the best ones from around the entire league.  The 33 year old wideout is nearing the end of his career, but I think most people will agree with me if I say he still has some good tread left on the tires.  Even if Marshall can just repeat what he did last year where he posted 59 catches for 788 yards he would still be a huge upgrade over Victor Cruz, who only posted 39 catches for 586 yards.  Having said that I believe Marshall’s numbers will improve, last year he had some very inconsistent quarterback play, to put it nicely, now he is playing with Eli Manning.  Now I know Eli takes a lot of heat for making some questionable throws that kind of make you scratch your head, but he is certainly an upgrade over Ryan Fitzpatrick and Bryce Petty.  Then you factor in the Odell Beckham Jr. effect, which will draw coverage away from Marshall and all of a sudden you have a recipe for a great season.  Marshall is also 6’4″, Eli’s tallest viable receiver since Plaxico Burress limped his way out of town.  This will certainly help Eli as now some of those questionable throws will turn into catches instead of interceptions.  Eli has always been known as a guy who is not afraid to throw into traffic and give his receivers a chance to make a play.  However, this part of his game has kind of taken a backseat to 5 yard slants to Odell Beckham that he takes to the house.  So the signing of Marshall could bring back an Eli that we have not seen in a while and it could open up the playbook a little more, which I think will be a good thing.  Now all that is good, but the Giants could have gotten all of this from Alshon Jeffrey as well, but what separates Marshall is the money he took.  The Giants got a bargain with him taking a 2 year $11 million deal.  This is unheard of with all the bloated free agent contracts being thrown around nowadays.  In all, what a brilliant move by Jerry Reese and the rest of the front office.  Prediction: Marshall post 74 receptions for 804 yards and 7 touchdowns and helps lead the Giants deeper into the playoffs.

Worst Move

The signing of Rhett Ellison caught my eye here.  I do not mind the player, from hearing him talk and hearing people talk about him he sounds like a good locker room guy who is going to work hard.  I also see what the Giants were thinking in signing him as Ellison is an excellent run blocking tight end an area where the Giants have struggled mightily over recent years.  However, with all that being said I do not like the signing because of how much the Giants spent on him.  Ellison signed a four year $18 million deal with $8 million in guaranteed money.  Four years and at least $8 million is a lot to commit to a guy who has caught 51 passes in his five year career.  Now maybe Ellison breaks out this year and shows he can be a reliable pass catching tight end as well, then the Giants look like geniuses, but for now I do not see it.  I consider Ellison a fullback who can line up at tight end and block.  So, if you compare his salary to that of the highest paid fullback in the league, Kyle Juszcyk, who got a 4 year $21 million deal with almost $10 million guaranteed then you can see where I am coming from.  Juszcyk is also a great run blocker and an excellent receiver as he has 97 career receptions in only four years in the league.  So for now I am very skeptical of this deal, as I said if Ellison breaks out as a receiver then it is a great deal, but if not one will have to ask why the Giants did not spend the money on Juszcyk instead.  Prediction: Ellison improves in the pass happy Giants offense, but is still mainly a blocking tight end, he posts 21 receptions for 168 yards and two touchdowns.